Thursday, June 26, 2014

A New Inspiration

Recently, I was given farm-fresh eggs by a fellow watercolor society member.  In the dozen, were a few green eggs.  That amazed me as I had never seen green eggs, and it gave me the inspiration to use them for a painting.  Even though eggs are a common subject, I had never attempted them before.  So, this simple still life became a challenge, not only in the composition to which a salt shaker was added, but also in painting the smooth transitions of light and shadow on the eggs.  I also found the shadows to be interesting.  This image tends to separate the colors on the eggs and in the shadows more than appears on the painting itself.  It is painted on my usual 200 lb. CP Saunders Waterford paper, but now feel a smoother paper could have been used.  Colors consist of cool and warm yellows, thalo turquoise, ultramarine blue, with quinacridone gold and sienna, some permanent rose, quinacridone violet and Winsor violet.  I always try to get that elusive perfection but, am for the most part, satisfied with the results.

Green Eggs with Salt, 10” x 14” Watercolor, ©Johanna Cellucci


Mary Kosary said...

I think this should be entered in a contest. It is amazing.

Johanna Cellucci said...

Mary, thanks for stopping by the blog...didn't think this was the type of painting that would do well as a show entry...will use it in shows locally though. When you left your comment on the FB post, I thought you've always been my "number one" were the first to follow my blog...and the first to leave a FB comment. You need to post to your blog...will keep watching for you to do so. FB seems to have taken much more immediate. Thanks again...have a good summer!

April Rimpo said...

I think this painting is great. You definitely captured the eggs perfectly, at least to my eye. Isn't it also amazing how a simple thing as eggs "of a different color" can really capture our attention. Love it, Johanna.

Johanna Cellucci said...

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment...and thanks for the compliments. It is a simple composition, but I've gotten a lot of good reaction to it...some described it as a "fun" piece...will have to do those more often.