Friday, August 29, 2014

Santa Fe Shadows and Colors

Not knowing what to paint next, I decided to work on this subject which I had originally prepared for a workshop but never used.  It is from a photo taken in Santa Fe quite a few years ago.  The colorful door and the shadows are what appealed to me.  For the most part, Holbein colors were used with some being opaque.  Relying heavily on masking made for much edge cleanup.  The reds in the image appear more saturated than they are on the painting.  The detail at the top of the door was a challenge to do, as well as the reflections in the windows.  I’m not sure of the merits of this painting, but at least it kept me painting on and off as I usually do.

Shadow Play, 14 x 10, Watercolor, ©J. Cellucci