Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Big Reveal

I’m finally finished a painting started in May, and finally have a new piece to post.

Coneflowers on Parade, 18” x 10”, Watercolor, ©J. Cellucci

I have worked on this on and off, and would put it aside for a few days, or weeks, at a time.  In between came the fire here in the Springs, and it was thrown into a suitcase when we had to evacuate.  Didn’t take any supplies, nor framed paintings off the walls, just this unfinished work.

I liked the composition, the way one flower followed another.  Thought the background leaves would be easier to accomplish than they actually were.  The cones were quite a challenge too.  Must learn to simplify!

Taking pictures of a finished piece is another challenge.  In afternoon light, the flowers look too warm, in morning light the leaves look cooler than they are.  This photo is as close to the actual colors as can be gotten.  I am never completely satisfied with any painting, but accept each one for what it is, and usually learn to appreciate it more as the areas of struggle are forgotten.  As for its merits, only time and jurors will tell.