Monday, May 19, 2014

Something Different

I had taken a picture of goldfish in a pond a few years ago and liked the colors and movement in it.  This is different subject matter for me, having never painted water and fish before.  As detailed as I am, it is impossible to get every nuance of the water and its reflections.  And, as is often said, working from a photo also has its limitations.

I used the sedimentary color of cerulean blue for the water at the bottom to give the effect of sediment at the bottom of the pond.  It is a heavy paint and sinks into the valleys of the paper.  To paint the reflections on the left side, I masked the water "holes,” wet that side and dropped in dark color from the top fish lightening it toward the bottom.

However, there was a problem removing the frisket, which had never happened before.  For some unknown reason, in some small areas and one larger area, it would not come off.  I tried scrubbers and a “magic eraser” to no avail.  The only way to remove it was to scrape it off with an X-Acto knife, which of course damages the paper’s surface.  That spot took the paint and somehow seems to blend in, but it bothers me because I know it is there.  I do not have the patience to do it over, but perhaps will try a similar composition.

Overall, the resulting painting is decent, but not good enough as an exhibition entry.  At least, I am painting and learning.

Golden Pond, Watercolor, 14” x 10”, ©Johanna Cellucci