Saturday, July 6, 2013

First Attempt at Pouring

Water Lily Poured Painting resulting from
a workshop by Linda Baker

Put he finishing touches on a poured watercolor from a recent  Linda Baker workshop.  Using 300 lb. CP paper, the intention was to do only three pours because of workshop time constraints...light, medium and dark.  Therefore, I poured the paint rather heavily using quinacridone gold, red and indigo blue.  The gold disappeared, the red became overpowering, and the blue turned gray on the paper.  I found that the heavy paper retains moisture for a long time.  The texture in the lower left was the result of putting the masking on paper that was still damp.

I like the pouring technique, the subtle variations of color it can create, as well as the textured effects created by using a water spray bottle to move the paint.  When the frisket is taken off, the result will always be a surprise, and the painting will need some finishing with a brush.  Pouring is still a labor intensive process, but it is fun to have a piece almost paint itself.

When trying this technique again, I would do many more pours with much thinner paint using different primaries.  In between pours, I would mask out fewer areas at a time to create more layers.

Even though this turned out looking like a “block print,” I think it has some merits.  Although it is not a “show” piece, there is something about it that appeals to me. 


Mary Kosary said...

Great to see this image and hear about the workshop. Does Linda have a book out. I have been telling myself to spend the summer pouring. Good for you!

Johanna Cellucci said...

Mary, thanks for commenting. So glad I took the workshop with was interesting and she is a great instructor. She doesn't have a book that I know of, but does have two good DVDs through Creative Catylist, which I have...they are worth getting.