Thursday, October 10, 2013

Using Opaque Watercolor

Back in April, I took a landscape workshop with Martha Mans ( using her palette of both transparent and opaque (colors containing white) watercolors.  Finally, got back to finishing two 5”x7” pieces I had started.  Although I admire landscape as subject matter, I don’t consider myself much of a landscapist.  I also consider myself a watercolor “purist,” but admit I find the use of opaque color interesting.  Examples of opaque colors are:  Holbein’s Jaune Brilliant #2, Grey of Grey, Verdirter Blue, Compose Green, Lilac and Lavender.  Below, I share my two small landscape results, both of which contain some of the opaque colors mentioned.

West Face of Pikes Peak in Fall, 5”x7” ©Johanna Cellucci

Great Sand Dunes, Colorado, 5”x7” ©Johanna Cellucci